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This agreement (Agreement) is made between me, the signatory and parent of an enrollee, and South Shore Ballet Theatre Company (SSBT). This Agreement is complete, integrated and effective whether made in person, online or remotely, and whether made by manual signature, electronic signature or other evidence of agreement. This Agreement is effective as of the date of signature or other evidence of agreement, whether such signature or evidence of agreement or date is listed or depicted herein, attached hereto, associated herewith, or implied hereby. Participation in programming at SSBT is evidence of agreement as of the date of participation.

All applications, invoices, itemizations, and other documented details associated with my child’s registration and participation at SSBT are hereby incorporated into this Agreement by reference, and together with this Agreement comprise a whole. In the event any incorporated material conflicts with this Agreement, this Agreement shall govern.

I have received or will obtain a copy of the most recent SSBT Student and Parent Handbook, and will carefully read and fully follow all rules and policies contained therein.

I have provided or will provide a copy of my child’s most recent School/Camp Medical Form and Insurance Card, showing a physical exam completed within one (1) year of enrollment and up-to-date immunizations. I understand that provision of this medical information is required to participate in any SSBT programming.

I understand that by enrolling my child in any SSBT programming, I agree to and am obligated to pay the total assessed tuition for the entire programming year (September 30, 2017 through September 30, 2018), without regard for the installment nature of any payments, and I expressly acknowledge that any credit or debit card used to make a payment to SSBT may be charged anew or as necessary for any and all tuition and fees due and owing from me to SSBT, and I hereby authorize the same.

I further understand that SSBT does not give credit and/or refunds for any class missed due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather event, suspension, etc. I understand that a prorated tuition refund may only be granted by SSBT upon a medically necessary withdrawal of my child from programming, and upon proof of medical ineligibility provided by a treating physician. I understand that if my child misses three (3) or more consecutive classes, including any interstitial holiday, vacation, illness, or weather event, my child will be automatically suspended from further participation in SSBT programming until I provide proof of medical eligibility by a treating physician. I understand that SSBT has the full discretion to suspend a child from participation in any programming, performance or competition based upon illness, injury, or the like, without recourse, unless such recourse is otherwise provided for herein.

I understand that all requests for early withdrawal not supported by medical necessity must be submitted to SSBT in writing, and that I will be charged a non-negotiable $500.00 fee at the time of such withdrawal, excepting those students registered in the Young Dancers Program on a session-by-session basis.

I give my permission and consent for photographs, videotapes, and interviews to be taken of me or my child while engaged in SSBT programming, regardless of location or venue, and regardless of by whom. I further give permission and consent that any such photographs, videotapes, or interviews may be published and used to illustrate, promote, and advertise SSBT and its programs. Such publications may include, but will not necessarily be limited to: print media, television (including cable programming), radio, brochures, internet, websites, apps, and all other forms of media, whether now known or hereafter existing.

I further understand that there are specific risks of physical or property damages, losses, or injury that may result from my or my child's participation in SSBT programming, regardless of location or venue, and in consideration of acceptance into and participation in SSBT programming, I hereby expressly waive any claim, demand, liability, damages, costs, or suit for the same I may now or in the future have against SSBT and its directors, officers, shareholders, agents, attorneys, employees, and successors, for any such physical or property damages, losses, or injury that may result from my or my child's participation in SSBT programming, regardless of location or venue, to the maximum extent allowed by law, and I hereby expressly release such persons from all claims, demands, liabilities, damages, costs, and suits that may inure to my benefit as a result of participation in SSBT programming.

I understand that as parent or guardian, I will be contacted if my child requires medical attention during programming. If I cannot be reached, I hereby authorize an administrator of SSBT to arrange for treatment, as necessary. I shall release, indemnify, hold harmless, and defend SSBT, its directors, officers, shareholders, agents, attorneys, employees, and successors, except in cases of willful gross negligence on their part, against any and all claims, actions or suits brought for damages or alleged damages and from all liability, loss and expense, including reasonable legal expenses, resulting from any injury to person or property or from loss of life sustained by my child or any other while my child is enrolled at SSBT, or while he/she is fulfilling a role in any SSBT production or event in which he/she has been invited to participate on or about SSBT premises, or any other venue where such activity is taking place. I understand that in signing this form, I am agreeing to accept the guidelines and policies of SSBT.

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, at all times and in all events, SSBT’s maximum liability to me for any transaction or occurrence pertaining to, arising out of, or flowing from my child’s participation in programming at SSBT, or presence at SSBT or another site at which SSBT programming is taking place or had taken place, shall be limited to monies previously paid by me to SSBT for the programming year in which such transaction or occurrence takes place.

I understand this Agreement applies equally to initial registration and any subsequent changes in programming I or SSBT may make that affect my account or my child’s engagement at SSBT, and upon confirmation of each such change I acknowledge that this Agreement is constructively re-upped and renewed.

If one or more of the provisions contained in this Agreement are found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Such provisions shall be revised only to the extent necessary to make them valid, legal or enforceable.

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, SSBT may at its sole and unfettered discretion modify any provision of this Agreement on a case-by-case basis, but in no event shall such modification nullify or amend any other provision not so modified, nor shall any modification continue from programming year to programming year unless expressly so provided.

No action of SSBT, other than express written waiver, may be construed as a waiver of any provision of this Agreement. A delay on the part of SSBT in the exercise of a right or remedy under this Agreement will not operate as a waiver of such right or remedy. A single or partial exercise by SSBT of any such right or remedy will not preclude other or further exercise of that right or remedy. A waiver of any one provision or right or remedy under this Agreement by SSBT shall not be construed as a bar to or waiver of any other.

This Agreement shall survive cancelation, suspension, termination, or natural conclusion of any registration, account or programming period.

This Agreement is complete and integrated. There are no understandings, agreements or representations not specified herein. No terms or conditions may be added to or deleted from this Agreement unless agreed to in a writing signed by all parties hereto.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand this Agreement, along with the waiver, release and indemnity described in it, such waiver, release and indemnity being made to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law. I warrant that I am at least 18 years of age and of sound mind and capacity to contract. I acknowledge that I have signed this document of my own free will.

I Accept



By selecting the "I Agree" checkbox, I am signing this agreement electronically. I agree this electronic signature is the legal equivalent of my manual signature on this Agreement.

I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document. I have read and understood it, and I agree to be bound by its terms in full.

I Accept



Parent(s) or Court-Appointed Legal Guardian(s) must sign for any participating minor (those under 18 years of age) and agree that they and the minor are subject to all the terms of this document, as set forth above.

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